QUantum Applications In Liquids (Quail)

Electronic properties of irregular materials


01 / Predictive

Quail technology treats electronic states and their environment on equal footing. As a result, the state broadening and energy shifts are 100% consistent with the material setting. Irregularities, impurities, disorder etc. are all treated explicitly.

02 / General

The Quail modeling tool accepts any structure setup and any Hamiltonian that describes the a central area of the material and its environmental setting. Any first principles functional is compatible with the Quail approach.

03 / Fast

The Quail modeling tool solves nonequilibrium Green's functions with recently developed recursive algorithms. Adaptive mesh algorithms and complex contour integrals ensure that the computations are limited to the essentials. Users are allowed to customize focal points of calculations.


About Quail Modeling


Quail modeling is a spin-off company from Purdue University.

It was founded in early 2017 by Prof. Tillmann Kubis and by-then PhD candidate James Charles to commercialize technology developed during their work in Prof. Kubis' group.


Including the dynamic interaction of electrons in focus areas with their environments is key to reliably predicting material properties. Quail Modeling offers a tool to simulate hundreds of atoms surrounded by millions of explicitly discretized atoms. In this way, any material setup, be it regular, irregular, quasi-periodic or even amorphous are covered in high detail


Quail modeling introduces the nonequilibrium Green's function method into predictive material science. This method is well established in physics and nanodevice engineering for handling dynamic environments most consistently and to predict nano-system properties most accurately.




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